Per Vivo Labs® (PVL) is a proud Veteran-Owned Small Business. PVL is managed and operated by a core of pragmatic self-starters hailing from military, medicine, medical sales, and customer relations backgrounds. PVL’s activities include the manufacture, sale, and distribution of portable human temperature management solutions, and the distribution of custom Class I medical trays and kits in accordance with QSR 21 CFT Part 820. In keeping with our slogan, "Simple Solutions for Complex Problems," PVL is up for any challenge. Bring us your problems and we will provide you with simple, cost-effective solutions.

Saving lives through simple, effective, and affordable solutions.

Don't take our word for it! See What Researchers at the University of Tennessee Have to Say.

With true portability, unquestionable effectiveness, and elegant simplicity, see why the Polar Skin™ Family of Products is the only choice to standardize your organizational response to heat-related illnesses.

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Polar Skin™ Human Testing Proves that a Portable, Cost-Effective Solution Can Save Lives.

"Maximizing Body Cooling Using the Polar Skin™ Comprehensive Cooling System After Exercise
in the Heat." Read the report on human testing conducted by Dr. Brent Ruby, Ph.D., and the scientists of PhysioZing and the University of Montana Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism.

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Stop relying on wet towels and bed sheets! Arm yourself with the Polar Skin™ family of products today.

Learn more about the Polar Skin™ family of products to see why our products are right for you.

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