ArcticAqua® is a proprietary solution that provides the moisture necessary to promote evaporative, convective, and conductive cooling; three of the four avenues by which the human body dissipates heat. Composed primarily of water, ArcticAqua® also contains Propylene Glycol USP; a food-grade organic material found in products that we use each day. However, unlike water, ArcticAqua® has a freezing point well below 0°F. This means that at temperatures where other cooling modalities are frozen and useless, Polar Skin™ products are freezing cold yet as pliable as if they were at room temperature.  In testing conducted by the University of Tennessee Nonwovens Research Lab (UTNRL), Polar Skin™ Mini-Mesh saturated with ArcticAqua® (Polar Skin™ Ice Sheets) proved its utility by dramatically outperforming 130 thread count sheets soaked in ice water; a method often associated with ad hoc cooling modalities.

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