Custom Medical Trays/Kits

With more than 1,500 SKUs available from all of the industry leading medical component manufacturers, your options for building medical trays and kits the way you want them are virtually limitless.  Because we are a niche market company, we have the ability to do “short runs” that others cannot provide.  We vow to complete orders on time and at a fair price.

Some of PVL’s most popular Trays and Kits Include:

  Pain Management

Pain Management Tray:  1 x Half Deep Tray (9x5x2);  6 x Gauze (4 x 3.5 / 32 Ply);  “T” Connector with Tubing;   1 x Needle (16 Gauge x 1.5″);  1 x Needle (25 Gauge x 1.5″);  1 x Syringe, LL (10cc);  2 x Syringe, LL (5cc);  4 x Towel, OR Blue (17×25);  1 x Kimguard KC100.

Suture Removal

Suture Removal Kit:  1 x Kimguard KC100;  1 x Littauer Scissors;  1 x Mosquito Forcep (St);  1 x Adson Forcep (Serr).

Minor Laceration

Laceration Tray Minor:  1 x Tray, 3 Compartment;  1 x Medicine Cup (60cc);  1 x Scalpel, Safety (#15);  1 x Mosquito Forcep (Crv);  1 x Webster Needle Holder;  1 x Adson Forcep (1 x 2 / FP);  1 x Iris Scissor (Crv);  10 x Gauze (4 x 4 / 12 Ply); 1 x Fenestrated Drape;  2 x Towel, Absorb (White);  1 x Kimguard KC100.

To receive a quote, please fill out the following form.  A PVL representative will acknowledge your request within 24 hours and reply with a quote within 5 business days.  If the quote meets your expectations, a sample (non-sterile) kit will be shipped to your location for review and approval.  If any modifications are required, we will immediately make them. If no modifications are required, please allow 2-4 weeks for initial delivery of sterile kits.

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