What is ArcticAqua™?

ArcticAqua™ is a blend of tap water and organic materials found in everyday products from food to medications and cosmetics.  ArcticAqua™ promotes evaporative, convective, and conductive cooling in Polar Skin™ products, and acts as an antifreeze that allows Polar Skin™ products chilled below 0°F to be as flexible as if they were room temperature.

Are Polar Skin™ products reusable?

All Polar Skin™ products are reusable.  However, most Polar Skin™ products come packaged for single-use, portable applications.  For example, the Polar Skin™ Head & Neck Cooling System comes saturated in ArcticAqua™ and vacuum sealed in a vapor barrier pouch.  After it is used, the mesh components will likely be laundered to wash out sweat and dirt that accumulates during use. This will also wash out most/all of the ArcticAqua™.  Because of this, it can no longer be stored below 32°F without “freezing” solid.  Therefore, we recommend that the mesh components be laundered, that the comfort gel packs be re-frozen, and that all of the components be placed together in a cooler with ice water after first use.  Despite losing the benefit of ArcticAqua™, Polar Skin™ Mini-Mesh has a unique ability to cool by itself through an unparalleled liquid absorptive capacity, air permeability, and moisture vapor transmission rate.

Why is Polar Skin™ better than wet towels or bed sheets?

I’ve read that cold water immersion works best.  Why would I use Polar Skin™?