Mission & Philosophy


Per Vivo Labs®, Inc., is the premier provider of simple, accessible, meaningful, and effective human temperature management solutions and custom Class I medical kits and trays.


1.  Customers are the reason that we exist. We do everything within our control to ensure that our customers feel individually valued, unquestionably respected, and that their specific needs are our highest priority.
2.  Team members are the lifeblood of the company and their committed service makes PVL an industry leader. Honest communication is exercised at all levels.  Managers are told the truth, not what one assumes that they want to hear; without this, costly mistakes are made.  360 degree feedback is the method of assessment.  Mutual respect is the means for success.
3.  Continuous improvement is the principle tenet guiding PVL’s ability to provide customers with the best products and services possible. Change for the sake of change is absurd.  Maintaining an imperfect status quo is failure.